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Just a sketch artist who doodles as a hobby, and loves to watch random videos on the interwebs. I also love Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves... -brohoof- brony love baby! Check me out on: Furaffinity.net (afterhumanity333) Deviantart.com (LosAndroid)

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Afterhumanity's News

Posted by Afterhumanity - April 12th, 2012

Well not really, I was just busy with life in general. ^^ Taking care of a dad with throat cancer, a new job and submitting art on other websites have taking up alot of my time. However, I am back and will post artwork I've done in the past over time!

So for now, hello again to anyone who cares. lol

Check me out on:

Furaffinity.net (afterhumanity333)

deviantart.com (LosAndroid)

Posted by Afterhumanity - February 12th, 2010

Got new stuff going on, and still accepting art requests for things involving Sonic, Anthros and what not. So be sure to to throw me a PM if you want your characters done..

However I am only doing a few requests a week so please be patient and enjoy my gallery and such in the meantime.. *Really busy at work so kinda holding of requests for a little while, I'll let you all know when I start doing requests again.. Ty very much for the support!*

*Fyi, I have taken a break from doing requests.. BUT leave suggestions.. I may work on those requests on a later date.. thanks!*

Take care guys and remember...

Wash your hands!

*A teaser sorry guys.. If you want to see my adult work up close and personal, then visit my user page at www.furaffinity.net, my user name is afterhumanity333. =) *

Hey Guys!

Posted by Afterhumanity - February 12th, 2010

I cannot submit any new work, spotted or not..

The Art Portal seems to be bugged and I can no longer submit new work, so I'll have to put off requests for a while longer until this issue is resolved..

If you guys got any info on this, I'd be very grateful.

*Here is a new piece I worked on this past week..I will warn you it's a tad raunchy, so go away if you can't handle it.* ; 3

Sorry guys...

Posted by Afterhumanity - December 12th, 2009

I'm currently doing Sonic fan character requests. (Limited 1-2 requests per person please. ^^)

If it IS a hedgehog, please add more details other than a different fur color, I would perfer not doing a ton of Sonic recolorings lol. Might i suggest different quill structures, clothing styles or even cross-species toons? Female is also fine, hence I am doing a gallery called "Sonic Female Characters". (If you do want somthing "adult" themed, I can do that too... but please nothing too raunchy or over the top.)

If you want other characters from other games or anime done or even weird creatures, I can also deliver.

*Sry guys, It seems I cannot submit new work to this webiste atm.. I'm either blocked or Newgrounds has a major problem with their programming..*

*Figured I'd show you a line drawing of mine without color...*

Art in general...

Posted by Afterhumanity - December 7th, 2009

The last of the Sonic pics I'll be submitting for the "Sonic Females" gallery will be finished soon. However I will be starting a "Bleach!" gallery, so if you want characters you want, or even fan made characters you want to see ME draw, then just leave a post and i'll get on it when I can.

If you need drawing tips or anything btw, let me know by posting it on my blog and I'll back to you when I can.

(All fan art done by me involving "known characters": Sonic, Ichigo, etc." is just for fun and I do not intend to take credit for them. Enjoy my gallery and have fun.)

Posted by Afterhumanity - October 14th, 2009

Thanks for you patience, here is one of my submissions....

Got some more artwork on the way. If you want a Sonic female character drawn/sketched, sned me either a PM, or post it here, I'll be sure to get off my lazy butt. lol

Atm I have some Holiday related drawings in the works and they will be submitted shortly.

(There is a new submission in the Art Portal be sure to check it out and post comments (10/31/09).) =o

Sonic, Female Characters....

Posted by Afterhumanity - September 3rd, 2009

I have started a series of works called: "Sonic (Females)" This will be a line of Sonic fan arts pics, which have been stylized my meh, and I might even switch genders with some of the male characters for kicks, so be sure to stick arund and post ideas on who i should draw. If enough of you choose the same character, i'll transform it to fit the series.

Here is the first installment:

September: *Shade the Echidna*

October(this month): *Blaze the Cat*

Sonic (Females)

Posted by Afterhumanity - July 14th, 2009

So send me a PM or leave a request here if you want a drawing of a favorite character, or whatever comes to mind. If I think it's appropriate I'll get to it when I get time!

Just let me know if you want it colored or not, and what colors you wish for me to use. ^_^ Als, it must be one character, not a massive list of em' I do have a life. xD

Can be a Sonic Character, or a Human Character, w/e as long as it's appropriate.

I'll be sure to post new work here at the Newgrounds Art portal and here on my News Post...

*'Update' working on other projects at home and such atm, will be posting new works as soon as I get the chance. Thank you all again for checking out my gallery. :)*

*Update July 15, 2009*

-Cloud Strife

*Update July 21, 2009*

-Sonic Art

*Update August 1, 2009 (Request by DarkMan2009)*

-The Toy Maker

I'm bored..

Posted by Afterhumanity - July 14th, 2009

Well if anyone wants to scout for me that'd be cool, I was removed for some reason, and I'm not sure why. I'm assuming I was removed from the scouting list because of my latest submission. But that's not the case because I got no PM stating it broke any rules...

So i'm assuming the person that scouted me was either a racist, a republican or got booted from the site altogether....

Whatever the case may be, this is rediculous. If anyone has any answers fill me in, I'm currently at a loss.

If you want to check out my artwork, check out the art section on my main page.

Hmm no longer bein scouted...why exactly?

Posted by Afterhumanity - June 26th, 2009

With the art portal up, i've been catching back up with my sketching so I should be submitting new work when time allows. Other than that, not much goin on at home or work, so nothing really interesting to report.

However, If you want to let me know how things are going on over at your place of buisness, and if the story is worth telling, share and discuss!

Oh and by the way, be sure to submit YOUR artwork at the Newgrounds Art Portal, I'm excited to see more cool drawings and sketches. =)

(The pic below is a little somthing I recently added to the art portal, if you want to see the whole thing. Check out the "Art" section in my account profile here on Newgrounds.)

Whew, I enjoy the smell of art supplies in the morning!