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Whew, I enjoy the smell of art supplies in the morning!

2009-06-26 02:51:14 by Afterhumanity

With the art portal up, i've been catching back up with my sketching so I should be submitting new work when time allows. Other than that, not much goin on at home or work, so nothing really interesting to report.

However, If you want to let me know how things are going on over at your place of buisness, and if the story is worth telling, share and discuss!

Oh and by the way, be sure to submit YOUR artwork at the Newgrounds Art Portal, I'm excited to see more cool drawings and sketches. =)

(The pic below is a little somthing I recently added to the art portal, if you want to see the whole thing. Check out the "Art" section in my account profile here on Newgrounds.)

Whew, I enjoy the smell of art supplies in the morning!


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2009-06-26 03:34:14

Sonic the tranny? Or is there something that I'm missing?


Afterhumanity responds:



2009-07-02 22:46:04

hmm, You should try coloring in your pictures using a program like Photoshop or MS paint, or do you use colored pencils out of preference?

Afterhumanity responds:

Meh I just use colored pencils, and I do my best accordingly.