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Bloody random, and catchy! A bit lacking in color but w/e it's artistic and it's very smoothly animated.


This flash deserves a score far higher than 3.21. This was brilliant flash work.

lol too true...

I quit WoW two months ago, and will no longer play that game again... and I've improved alot on my artwork in the meantime, and spent alot more time with my friends after work..

Thank you for throwing out this flash.

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Hard not to love this.

The artwork was very well done, and the character design adorable, and the game itself was decently challenging. I actually got stuck on a scene for a good five minutes before figuring it out heh. kudos to you.


The art was great, but the animation and sound effects were minimal. For your next one, be sure to add moans from the woman, and try to have the "squish" sounds me more like "Squish" it just sounded like a cheese grater. Also, one last thing: try to add a larger variety of positions, just one gets boring fast.

But at the end of the day, I'll give ya at least a 6/10 for at least giving it a good effort.

Gook luck on your next one!

Put alot of effort into this!

And, you are to be patted on the back for a job well done. I found no real problems with the battle system, you've got a real nack for this. Also congrats to Phyrnna, the Music was quite astounding. 5/5

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*drool* I love it. makes me want to draw Bitey for some reason.

Chronamut responds:

lulz then do :P

thanks for the review!


Very calm and enjoyable.

Not much to say, besides: Very well done!

I hope you'll continue this, your getting very good.

Box-Killa responds:

hehe thanks, yeah I can indeterminately see my gradual improvement of music development over 1 year now :D

It's a very nice remix bud..

If it makes me want to sketch, then it's an awesome song. Heh, and this one does. /highfive

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Hah finally..

I'm glad you subbed it mate, it's an awesome piece.

The look on Linda's face is priceless. =)

Can't really say much..

She's cute and sexy as always bud. Though I must say, the asian dress was a nice addition.

She's adorable eh?

It's a simple figure drawing with CG color nothing terrible.. This was very well done.

You have my thumbs' up sir.

Just a sketch artist who doodles as a hobby, and loves to watch random videos on the interwebs. I also love Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves... -brohoof- brony love baby! Check me out on: Furaffinity.net (afterhumanity333) Deviantart.com (LosAndroid)

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