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Sonic (Females)

2009-09-03 03:03:31 by Afterhumanity

I have started a series of works called: "Sonic (Females)" This will be a line of Sonic fan arts pics, which have been stylized my meh, and I might even switch genders with some of the male characters for kicks, so be sure to stick arund and post ideas on who i should draw. If enough of you choose the same character, i'll transform it to fit the series.

Here is the first installment:

September: *Shade the Echidna*

October(this month): *Blaze the Cat*

Sonic (Females)


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2009-09-08 16:56:10

sweet art man

Afterhumanity responds:



2009-09-24 18:34:57

And still you continue to show an impressive style.

Afterhumanity responds:

why ty very much.