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Sonic, Female Characters....

2009-10-14 06:31:10 by Afterhumanity

Thanks for you patience, here is one of my submissions....

Got some more artwork on the way. If you want a Sonic female character drawn/sketched, sned me either a PM, or post it here, I'll be sure to get off my lazy butt. lol

Atm I have some Holiday related drawings in the works and they will be submitted shortly.

(There is a new submission in the Art Portal be sure to check it out and post comments (10/31/09).) =o

Sonic, Female Characters....


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2009-10-14 09:12:13

great coloring! cream is sooo sexeeh ! keepon tryin till you hit the spot haha.


2009-10-14 09:12:39

waiiiit thats not cream .. sorry cant remeber her name :(

Afterhumanity responds:

lol it's Shade :)