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Art in general...

Posted by Afterhumanity - December 12th, 2009

I'm currently doing Sonic fan character requests. (Limited 1-2 requests per person please. ^^)

If it IS a hedgehog, please add more details other than a different fur color, I would perfer not doing a ton of Sonic recolorings lol. Might i suggest different quill structures, clothing styles or even cross-species toons? Female is also fine, hence I am doing a gallery called "Sonic Female Characters". (If you do want somthing "adult" themed, I can do that too... but please nothing too raunchy or over the top.)

If you want other characters from other games or anime done or even weird creatures, I can also deliver.

*Sry guys, It seems I cannot submit new work to this webiste atm.. I'm either blocked or Newgrounds has a major problem with their programming..*

*Figured I'd show you a line drawing of mine without color...*

Art in general...

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"Well can you make my fan character Red the hedgehog? He is Sonic's long lost twin brother who is red and wears blue shoes."
Is the kind of comments you're going to get.

sadly I see your point lol. But hopefully I get a challenge. :)

hey draw my fan character death the hedgehog he is a skeletal hedgehog that morph into any sonic character.he wears a blue jean jacket and blue jean pants.his bone quills go all the way down his back.they have red tips because he kills his opponents by running backwards into them has they are getting up.

sounds fun I'll give it a shot.

hey can i give you more than one id draw myself but i suck.there are a lot more where that guy came from

Then practice practice practice! However, I will do another for you if no one else comes up with a request this week. ^^


Oh god it's people like you that embarass the art portal. Over half the art that goes into the fucking thing is Sonic art. Don't get me wrong, you draw really well, but it's put to VERY poor use. Original and well-thought characters? They don't exist.

Please read the post, I accept more than just Sonic related requests. I will do other characters Anime related or mosters, robots, etc.. If they want Sonic, then I'll do Sonic. :)

supperman2, he's just taking requests. artists do it all the time. BTW afterhumanity, can you do draw my OC D? the best pics are on my Devart. i'm kinda in a slump and i need to see D in a different style. A Life Called Regret is probably your best bet to use as reference.

ok, I have a relative idea from what I saw, now what do want him doing? If it's just him half naked covered in vines next to a cross, then I'll see what I can do. =)

i figured he should be in like jeans (shirt is optional) and be sorta scratched up while electricity jumps around on his body (note that he's creating the electricity from within) and he's fighting some sort of enemy (absolute freedom on that) and his weapon is this black sword called eternity, it's kinds like cloud's buster sword but with a carving that resembles a C near the tip, it's just large enough to catch an enemy's neck but above that it becomes like the point of any sword (hard to explain that but i'm trying to get my pic of that up currently, give me a few minutes) other than that, you have total freedom over everytinhg else.

alright, i'll see what i can do for ya.

i will get back to you after christmas.

can you make my fan character? its a purple or black echidna that has a lot of armor with gold spiky pauldrens (shoulders) and a silver chest plate and silver spiky leggings the spikes are at the bottem of the leggings and the pauldrens have only 4 spikes on it his eyes are red and his dreadlocks go down to his knees. he also has a badass looking sword on his back, make it look like anything you want. thanks in advance (feel free to add anything else)

I forgot 2 things (my bad >.<), his name is hydro and he has electricity on him like from Dragon Ball Z if you don't know what that is, the electricity just jumps all around him like he's a conducter or something

lol you got it. Though I think his armor may be a bit of a challenge for me. :)

I kind a want a character to be done, please :D

Can you do him with black fur, red pupils, a torn jacket with perhaps a blood stain on either cuff, slacks and a brown belt, a really doggish/monster/devil look in his face (Eyes pupils shrunk and his mouth growling perhaps) pointy ears (Like the guy in the picture above) and to make it more dark... add him with Metal Sonic's head in his hand with Metal Sonic having only one eye and an arm hanging off. Just make it look brutal please.

If you can do this it'll be just... wow. You're awesome, btw!

Hah brutal is what you'll have. I'll get to you when I can.

Damn dude your artwork is tight! You're taking requests for Sonic fan-characters you say? Just a freakin' shot in the dark, but I don't suppose you'd consider making some character artwork for Casino from my Flash series would you? Only if you'd be willing to and if you had time. I would really love to see that D:.

Hmm Casino eh? I'll see what I can do, i've actually gotten pretty good at drawing chao over the recent years. Heh this'll be interesting.

i would like to ask your help in a matter that is on my profile.

Mad! Depending on how much you've done, I don't suppose you could draw him with with his left arm raised with his middle finger up? If you are unable to add that at this point that's fine.

Sounds good I figured you'd want him angry or content. lol

I have a ton of characters lying around in my head...
Sadly, my drawing skills suck, and I'm only "good" at drawing "non-organic/humanoid" objects
Nevertheless, if you are intrested, pm me and I'll try my best at (at least) describing the characters

Just give me a detail of your favorite one. :)

I'm so sad! i got banned from reviewing! Fucking shitbitch mods...

I also forgot to add to the PM, if you have extra time, could you make a Dark-Link hollified (or is it 'hollow-ified)?
He has the design of 'Twilight Princess' Link (or SSBB) and he wears Ichigo's hollow mask.
Watch 'Bleach' if you don't know.
Again, it's up to you. Btw, nice pic.

A Hollow Link eh? hmm... I'll see what I can do when I get these 2 other requsts out of the way. ^_^


lol happy to hear it?

A surprise included with an art made for me (kinda). Ooh... I can't wait.

Hmm... "Something special"? I wonder who the person is. He'll be lucky.

I LOVE the way you draw, If it's not too much trouble can I request my character?

Here's my Fancharacter, his name is Frederick the Fox
and he is a detective and also a member of the Freedom Fighters in the SatAM universe.

Wearing a Tuxedo complete with a Red Tie, white dress long sleeved shirt under a formal vest that under his black dress jacket. Black Dress Pants with suspenders and a Handgun Holster connected to the left suspender. Over all his Formal Attire he wears a Black Trenchcoat that carries and conceals his weapons. Along with that, he sports a Solid Black Fedora and wears shined black Army Boots. His attire resembles the Film-noirish atmosphere of the 1920's-1940's He's a brownish orange Fox at the same height as Sonic and a little familiar looking to Tails the Fox, Although not as Happy, more mature looking, single tail, light brown eyes and taller. His weapons are a Futuristic Metallic Tommy Gun, combat knife and a Desert Eagle pistol. No powers at all, just his quick wit, weapon and fighting skills.

It'll be great if you could draw him in your unique style! Thanks!

hmm ok, ty for the detailed request, and I'll be sure to get started when I get a couple more requests out of the way. =)

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