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Just a sketch artist who doodles as a hobby, and loves to watch random videos on the interwebs. I also love Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves... -brohoof- brony love baby! Check me out on: Furaffinity.net (afterhumanity333) Deviantart.com (LosAndroid)

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Hey Guys!

Posted by Afterhumanity - February 12th, 2010

Got new stuff going on, and still accepting art requests for things involving Sonic, Anthros and what not. So be sure to to throw me a PM if you want your characters done..

However I am only doing a few requests a week so please be patient and enjoy my gallery and such in the meantime.. *Really busy at work so kinda holding of requests for a little while, I'll let you all know when I start doing requests again.. Ty very much for the support!*

*Fyi, I have taken a break from doing requests.. BUT leave suggestions.. I may work on those requests on a later date.. thanks!*

Take care guys and remember...

Wash your hands!

*A teaser sorry guys.. If you want to see my adult work up close and personal, then visit my user page at www.furaffinity.net, my user name is afterhumanity333. =) *

Hey Guys!

Comments (11)

ok, gotta do this.
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1143653/">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 143653/</a> 1
you have to enter man, and the deadline's october 10th so you got plenty of time.

No thanks, I don't do digital work. :)

Why not do what Fatchaos did and post your art in your news?
In case you don't know:
<a href="http://fatchaos.newgrounds.com/">http://fatchaos.newgrounds.com/</a>

Hold on...
Try uploading something now.

Hmm... didn't I ask for a Hollow Link uhh... 3... 2 months ago?
*checks old news* Yep. I did...
I've been waiting patiently and still am and will.

Oh crap you did lol! I'm soo sorry I totally forgot. xDDDD

I'll draw a quick Shadow Link for you.

(Again) Sorry for a repetition..Can you draw Knuckles Sattering the Master Emerald? =]

Shattering** My mistake

How to put my expression...:
\ O )
/0 (

I said (or ment) 'Dark-Hollow-Link'. Not Shadow/Dark-Link.
If you make that, I owe ya.

Some people are so picky :D


how about a naked black leopard girl. that would be awsome if you would draw it for me.

-Stoneclaw,a.k.a. LeopardFurryfurever

Still on dude? It's been quite a while.

Why are you not sscouted?