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Entry #18

I have returned from the dead..

2012-04-12 20:23:11 by Afterhumanity

Well not really, I was just busy with life in general. ^^ Taking care of a dad with throat cancer, a new job and submitting art on other websites have taking up alot of my time. However, I am back and will post artwork I've done in the past over time!

So for now, hello again to anyone who cares. lol

Check me out on: (afterhumanity333) (LosAndroid)


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2012-05-06 22:33:20

i like your artwork and i hope you make more soon, oh and sorry about your dad.


2012-12-15 14:07:51

Are you a Crash Bandicoot and/or Spyro fan?Also,can you figure this out?