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Just a sketch artist who doodles as a hobby, and loves to watch random videos on the interwebs. I also love Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves... -brohoof- brony love baby! Check me out on: Furaffinity.net (afterhumanity333) Deviantart.com (LosAndroid)

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Afterhumanity's News

Posted by Afterhumanity - June 23rd, 2009

As you all know, the news has been flooded by the current events taking place in Iran, and the situation could get messy quick. Hopefully that won't be the case...

Many News oganizations say the polls in Iran were rigged, and many Iranians supporting the new challenger Mussavi have taken to the streets to protest the unfairness of the election a little oer a week ago. Now I want to ask this..

What is your personal opinion on the situation Iran? What do you think about the actions taken by the Iranian government in an attempt to quell the rallies? Excessive? or Justified? Also, do you believe this will effect the world in any way? and if so why?

You can answer any of these questions, choose one and lemme know what you think.

Posted by Afterhumanity - June 19th, 2009

This is a fantastic development for individuals who aren't skilled with flash work...but are with the pencil. :)

I'll be sure to subit work immidiatly, starting with what I have already uploaded onto this atm, more will be coming shortly. Now, if anyone wishes to check mine out care to do so, but be to leave constructive comments and such, a kind critique and words of encouragement helps heh.

See you all there on the other side, and submit your artwork as well folks! We all have a place in this world, mine is to simply sketch and submit. :D

Here is a bit of a sample of my work...

Wow!  New Art portal!  Hah!

Posted by Afterhumanity - June 16th, 2009

With all the brainstorming, constant idea recycling and well...over-all boring life heh, I've started a bit of a segment to get to know the people here at Newgrounds, if anyone does catch me on here, and checks out my News Posts. Which is called: "What the heck is going on with our world?"

Anything interesting going on that you would like to share? And where are ya from?

Oh and uh, here's a pic for you anime lovers, if your not 18...well advert your eyes and go to bed it's past your bedtime!

Bored?  Tell me a bit about yourself...

Posted by Afterhumanity - May 19th, 2009

After much tinkering and such of that manor, I have finally managed to upgrade my character's appearence...sadly he's not quite done, still a few tinks here and there left to go. However, my story involving him is pretty much done, and i'm currently in the process of sketching his allies and enemies, and they will be shown sometime in the future.

Though it is odd, Alexander is an ever-changing being who enjoys having new looks and abilities for me to tinker with, and after 8 years, he's made a huge transformaton. I digress though, here he is to all who care to look. :)

If anyone is interested in him, and would like to ask for the details about him, just send me a PM or post a comment....or heck visit me at www.Deviantart.com and look up the user name "Afterhumanity".

His name is: Alexander Striker the Wind Seeker...

Character transoformation...

Posted by Afterhumanity - March 31st, 2009

For those who eventually do care to check out my news, I am coming closer to achieveing my goal of finally coming up with a reasonable story and will begin writing it when the final details begin to take shape. Alexander and his story will finally be told after many years of failing to make up my mind heh. I am guessing the fragments of the story will come together in the near future hopefully. :)

I also wanted to make a note that i will continue to watch over newgrounds and continue to helping out any struggling authors that are stuck in trying to come up with new storys or characters. Just let me know if you guys need my input...i've seen maybe flashes and works and i have am confident i can help you break the writer's block.

Interesting developments..

Posted by Afterhumanity - March 21st, 2009

Ok guys, i'm in a bit of a jam...

ECLIPSE is a new story that i'm writing and i'm having a tough time getting some much needed inspiration, and the family ain't really giving me good feedback, so i need some help.

The story is about this young Jackel by the name of Alexander Maverick living on a world across the galaxy, and he is a member of an elite fighting force called ENFORCER. He basically meets up with very hot human chick called Vicky, and they fight to try and sustain the peace, and basically go around metting new friends and begin kicking the crud out of baddies who steal and manage to blow up buildings using some really badass gadgets.

....And that's it, I want to come up with a fun and intense story line, but i can't really get one going. If any of you got any ideas for new intising characters i could make somthing out of it. Humor is somthing i'm a bit noobish at and i've been trying to write humorous dialogue for my characters. I'm kinda into Drama/SciFi, and i would love some tips and some helpful feedback that could maybe strengthen the much needed comedy in my story.

Thanks guys, and if you want a character drawn for your own stories, i'll be happy to throw you a sketch your way, just e-mail me or throw me a PM!


Posted by Afterhumanity - December 10th, 2008

For all the fans of Super Mario Bros. Z 1-7, i finish a new fan art pic for you all to enjoy. I enjoy the series, and maybe in the future i'll do ore of these when i find the time.

If you want to see more pics done by me, visit www.deviantart.com and look up the screen name: Afterhumanity.

Also, Alvin Earthworm, keep up the great work we're all watching ya. :)

New pics!

Posted by Afterhumanity - March 15th, 2008

Be sure to check out my art at Deviantart.com! I will be submitting new work every few days or so, be sure to keep checking for new artwork done by me. :O

User name: Afterhumanity

Thank you for checking it out!

New Pics at Deviantart.com!